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There are new tracks to be discovered everywhere!

Sometimes I come across a track and I think ‘This track is awesome! Where can I find out more about this artist? Where are they playing? Where can I buy their tracks? How long have they been around? Why have I not heard of them before?’. All these questions go running through my head.  So, we decided to create Damdon Music. A platform to discover new music or reminisce about absolute bangers from years back. I don’t have one particular genre that I focus on, although I must admit I am going through quite an electronic phase at the moment. But many genre’s catch my eye, and sometimes it is just a snippet of a song that I go crazy for.

As for myself, I come from Surrey near London and have lived in Amsterdam for a while now. I love finding the track that defines a moment for me and others.


If you want to get in touch to tell me about the tracks you have found and love, then email me on I would love to hear your stories.

We have also trialled putting on some low-key events in Amsterdam and they were a success! More to come in 2018, we will keep you posted!