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A self-dubbed mishmash of melodic, cinematographic techno, Dutch twosome Mononoid are in our artists spotlight this week following the release of their MUKONO E.P. And what a delight it is indeed. 

The pair first broke onto the scene back in 2006 as ‘Stereo Sandwich’ and have effortlessly evolved with each E.P. release. While we definitely prefer their new name (which we think means never single in Dutch?!) over their first, we’ve been pouring through their discography since stumbling across them a few months back. This latest E.P was released on Berliner label Keller, one of our favourites at present.

For us, taking top spot on the Mukono E.P is the title track, though Ballina isn’t far from being first either. Both are brilliant and you barely notice a transition between the two tunes when playing through, but we think Mukono just edges it.

Melodic techno tends to kick off with ambient bells, strings or some kind of scene setting section that, while lovely, occasionally throw you off when blending in a mix (Nicolas Jaar’s Specters of the Future, prime example of what I’m on about!). Yet, these two don't fuck about.

Starting strong from the off, Mukono’s begins in tense suspense. Tantalising us with tip-tapping high hats and bass pedal before dropping a constant deep bass line, there’s not a second to pause as the track picks up the pace before breaking into ambient, atmospheric synths around 4:20.

It's definitely something we'll be dropping during our May session over at East Amsterdam's Generator Hostel, where we'll be playing their Auditorium Sessions all night long on May 4th.

Maybe see you there!


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