A Foreseen Future (Mix)

This mix, recorded in Amsterdam, takes a poignant look at the past few years and into what we'd foresee as a sad future based on previous political events. Beginning with an anecdote by a hero of mine, John Lennon, and on into a lovely Steppenwolf beat, Lennon's words on revolution, power and political resonance that sits with the People, a particularly pertinent point in the current climate around the world.

Join me and move through a few of my favourite current tracks, including a few deep house deliberators, techno boppers and funky floor fillers. There's even a mention of the famous M25 bridge that's scribed with the graffiti, Give Peas A Chance.

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Your ears are greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.



[00:00] John Lennon sample
[01:15] Steppenwolf – Lenuta (original mix)
[06:10] Lee Burridge, Lost Desert – Lingala feat. Junior (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski remix)
[09:32] Edmondson – Flamingo Tripper
[13:25] Chaos in the CBD – Trust is Key
[16:20] Gorje Hewek, Izhevski – Whelm (original mix)
[24:00] Dave Pad, Anjei – Cantec De Leagane (original mix)
[27:55] Funk Fox – Grey Clouds
[32:11] Butch – The Spirit feat. Hohberg (Adriatique’s 7am remix)
[36:06] Hraach – Delirio (original mix)
[38:40] Kora (CA) – Vayu (original mix)
[42:04] Ian Howie – Trees (original mix)
[47:32] Cissy Houston – Yesterday