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Atmospheric, melodic, transgressive… aggressive?

Who knew all those years ago, sitting in the backseat of a Vectra on yet another twilight trip back to Sheffield, that they’d be the very thing to inspire a love for tunes, records and live music.

Back then, my dad would flick between the likes of Nirvana, the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and, later on, Moby and Massive Attack, while my mum’s mix usually consisted of Whitney Houston, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac and R&B. The likes of Blueboy, Luther Vandross, the Fugees, Usher and LL Cool J, that kind of thing.

I was usually the only one of three children to stay awake during these trips, and took advantage and picked tunes after Whitney had wailed us for an hour or so. An advantage I’d very much like to thank my parents for today, for it helped me broaden by knowledge of music.

I’ve since grown up to appreciate it all, providing it brings a sense of emotion or atmosphere to the table. While my musical taste might have been dragged through the seemingly dark ages of KoRn to Kings of Leon, Eminem to Efterklang or Primal Scream to Paolo Nutini, it’s reminded me to appreciate genres and take learnings from each “phase” in my life.

Now, that word phase. Most deem listening to genres as a phase or fad, however I still flick through these lot in my iTunes from time to time and appreciate those long lost tunes, remembering the periods in which I first heard them and enjoying them as such. For example, three of my favoured acts seen include Massive Attack at Glasto, Sigur Ros at Ireland’s Electric Picnic and Slipknot at Sonisphere. How different could the three be?

All three were champions of their own genre, and they still are. Each has their own muse, make-up and motivation. And they’re all, while different, are very similar; they capture an audience, send a message, lock you in and show you a performance that’s beyond passionate.

And while my early years seem like they were spent hunting and honing my song selection and musical taste, it seems never ending as I still now always seem to have that one Beatport basket to buy, limited edition vinyl to consider or album to add to my collection.

The thing that’s always remained consistent though, is accessibility and broadness. I’ve never said no to a genre or track, regardless of it’s social or political background. If it sounds good, then that’s that. If it doesn’t well, that’s what the skip button’s for.

Hopefully a few of the tunes and mixes you find on the Damdon site reflect the above. Songs aren’t selected by a self-indulgent hipster looking for an alternative to mainstream conformity (we all have our guilty pleasures), just a grown up version of the little lad in a Vectra, flicking through and sharing CDs with his loved ones.

Only this time, it’s with you.


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