Discover – Thyladomid, Mâhfoud & Stimming

Thyladomid feat. Mâhfoud

Playing this great track at work today, only for my colleague to twist and turn his head and mention that Mahfoud is an old friend from their Maastricht days! There are 3 mixes of the track – The Real Thing. My favourite has to be the mix by Stimming. I go pretty nuts for the build up at 5:00. One because I am sucker for good vocals …  as I understand it is Mahfoud busting out his voice – and two the build up sounds like a ricocheting fade going into a kind of white noise. Its good because it’s brief and then returns to a beautiful bass line. I’m told Mahfoud loves a gig in Maastricht, The Netherlands so be sure to check this out on Facebook. And don’t forget to download the track below.

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