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TÂCHES - Dusty Lover

This week we're majorly excited due to two things. 1) We're loving the latest TÂCHES release, I Won't Change For You, and 2) we've had a long list of gigs confirmed for the Spring and Summer.

We're kept tabbed on LA based TÂCHES for a while now and loved his first release, In the Company of Others, and seeing as they've put their discography up on Bandcamp, we thought it'd be a good chance to give them the nod and give you lovely people and now artist for your armoury.

Focusing back on I Won't Change For You, our favourite has to be Dusty Lover. It's a tribal, upbeat track but someone atmospheric - picture a summer stomper surrounded by cocktails, flares and fun. Yet the tune offers an eclectic ambience comparable to a Eastern showdown in a samurai movie or Western cowboy shoot-em-up or something. The wind instruments coupled with the album artwork gives it a cinematic setting. Check it out, you'll get what we mean.

The easiest way to discover TÂCHES would be to check out his solid selection of head boppers tunes in his eclectic #3 April Mix, where Dusty Lover features alongside some other beauties. Definitely one for the headphones or post-party playlist.

Anyway, as mentioned beforehand, we've got a few dates lined up this summer covering the whole of Amsterdam - East, West and maybe South - so watch out for a few posts on Facebook and our Communities page soon.



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