Discover – Mâhfoud

In a previous post we touched on the talents of Mâhfoud when Stimming remixed Mâhfouds collaboration with Thyladomid. The track being The Real Thing where Mâhfouds voice plays elegantly over the remix, with him perfectly hitting the high notes.

Mâhfoud is currently situated in Maastricht and hails from Syria with later moving to Germany. Just last April, Mâhfoud released his debut album at Ainsi in Maastricht. It was a wonderful intimate event which celebrated the journey so far and the journey to come.

On the album, The Fear of Dying with Potential, there are 2 tracks which caught the Damdon eye. I Saw You When You Looked Back and We Were Extinct Once. The first track is another prime example of Mâhfouds unique voice which is so softly laid over the track and the high notes resonate so clearly over the percussion.

The second track which caught our attention was We Were Extinct Once, a much calmer track in tempo and one I’d expect to hear out live more. I can picture it now with Mâhfoud taking centre stage at Tivoli, Utrecht and the light beaming down on him with the blue glimmer coming off the stage. The track has a very steady build up with elements of the organ, guitar and synth progressing throughout. Here you don’t hear Mahfoud’s voice and that is why these 2 tracks make it for us as they express Mâhfouds vocal talents and well as instrumental and musical strengths.

Check out the tracks below. You can also catch Mahfoud in Amsterdam this Friday (14th June) at Cafe Metropolitain where he will join the Damdon crew and LucasAdrian. Event link here.

See you there!


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