Discover – DAVÍ & Armen Miran – Boarding Call EP

delysed davi boarding call ep

Since hearing his Precious Story (105 Mix) for a second time in a food market in Lisbon, I've kept tabs on Armen Miran's sets and events to see if there could be a chance to catch him in Amsterdam some time soon.

It was funny really, I'd heard his tune before, but sped up in a set somewhere - unsurprisingly and most probably, one of his. While I waited for a Sangria (red) at this food market on a lovely sunny day, the effortless cool kids working at the bar played the original version that beats to a slow 105 BPM. Very different from a lot of the high tempo stuff usually played in a mix from Miran. I recognised it, but it wasn't until I shamefully Shazamed that I realised the tune. It made Lisbon all that more cool - not that it needed to be already!

Anyway,  so I've kept tabs on Armen Miran and his latest tune lives up to the standard set by Precious Story. I saw Miran reposted the tune, DAVI & Armen Miran - Corrected (Original Mix), on Soundcloud and as soon as I heard it, I needed to buy it. Yet annoyingly at first, it was only available as a 1min snippet; then, more annoyingly now release, it's only available if you buy the whole E.P. that is was released on - DAVI - Boarding Call EP.

So to dig into the tune itself, Miran has teamed up with L.A-based producer and DJ, DAVÍ, to release this deep house delight. It includes a ricocheting snare and oscillates bass line that breaks down into a highlight of a steady, sampled vocal that's insane (4:15). It's quite a treat and is certainly something I'll drop into my next set at BRET Bar in West Amsterdam next Friday.

Released on Californian label DELYSID, other highlights on the Boarding Call E.P. include Hraach's remix of the title track. DAVÍ - Boarding Call (Hraach Remix) begins with a throbbing, almost contrasting bass line to that expected to be brought in by the percussion, however it just works. At first it sounds like the DJ has forgot to bring the bass in on the mixer, but it soon delivers. This is the first we've heard of DAVI, however following this lovely record were sure to have a dig into his discog late into the evening tonight and keep tabs on what's happening from now on.

We're a massive fan of DAVÍ's use of reverberating keys throughout the Boarding Call E.P, and now it's been released we're very glad it wasn't done so on a track by track basis. If he had,  we might not have given the rest of the record the same ear.

Anyway, enjoy the tunes and let us know what you think!



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