Como Sea – The Last Men in Japan (François Svalis edit)

como sea - The last men in japan

Sometimes when I come across a decent tune and explore the E.P., I'll often find two versions of a track - unsurprisingly the original and an edit - and won't know which one I prefer. And usually, I'll just buy both and get a little confused which to play out at gigs or in a set.

In this case, I'm talking about Como Sea's The Last Men In Japan from Berlin techno label, Keller. Typical of the German capital's scene, both versions of the tracks have a deep, dark and menacing metronome, yet they're infinitely different, meaning buying both is pretty essential.

Como Sea's original instils a sense of vigour, with a relentless percussion beat that keeps pace throughout; a proper 4am, everyone's sweaty, black tee gurner. François Svalis edit, however, is transformed completely through a slowed BPM and the addition of a what can only be described as celestial xylophone coupled with atmospheric breaks and reverb on the bass. The crescendo picks up about 2:30 and peaks a minute later (genuinely to the serendipitous sound of dogs and birds, not sure how that'll send people if dropped at a Berlin early hour set!), before tailing off to a tidy finish.

TL;DR first tune makes you hate, the edit makes you hope - yet they're not very far apart. How insane, eh?

Anyway, you can check out the E.P. and decide for yourself below. We can't see any gigs for Czech producer Svalis and, aside from this Kellersinfonie 10 mix, Como Sea doesn't seem to exist on the World Wide Web  so enjoy these while you can.

Which tune do you prefer?


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